Maroon Capital Group (“MCG”) was founded by finance professionals with a global view towards growth. We work with companies to realign their capital structures with their operating strategies. We work in some of the world’s most austere, frontier environments as well as the developed world. The one thing our clients have in common regardless of geography is that they intend to disrupt their industries. We believe being on the leading edge of change involves searching for the pockets of outperformance in today’s low growth environment.


We seek to identify the most interesting companies in the fastest growing parts of the world and make them our clients.


MCG believes in growing with our clients and we believe that every day, new companies are being formed that will change the world. We plan to work with them toward that end. Our clients are not start-ups, rather in the growth cycle of their evolution. They outperform through organic means and M&A. Our clients are executing disruptive business plans that will change the operating models in their sector through innovation, critical services offerings or new product go-to-market strategies.


We seek out successful operators and entrepreneurs who have experience in the sectors we cover to act as subject matter experts on behalf of the firm. Many of our clients value the access to a seasoned sounding board from issues on operations and strategy. If you are a seasoned executive with a track record of exiting a company in one of the sectors we cover, we would encourage you to be in touch with us during your non-compete period.


MCG organizes annual events for our clients to meet one another and discuss macro trends. These working groups keep active dialogues on issues facing their sectors and the ideas are shared amongst members in a private forum. These dialogues are only shared amongst MCG clients who participate in our Global Network Programs. If you would like to register for an upcoming event, please reach out to one of our partners about securing an invitation.