Sell-side Advisory

Leveraging our independence and lack of conflicts, we have a strong track record in sell side advisory roles. Acting for target companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, we can operate at the heart of any process, assist in negotiations and give impartial and objective advice about the merits of bids received.

Buy-side Advisory

We also have a strong record of successful buy side advisory assignments in relation to public or private target companies. We help sponsors design acquisition strategies and acquisition frameworks to meet investment thesis objectives.

Merger Advisory

MCG is well qualified to assist clients on merger transactions given the long experience of its partners and professionals, an assurance of total discretion and a lack of conflicting interests. MCG has a number of sizeable mergers in its list of completed transactions both in the US and internationally.

C-Suite Services

MCG professionals deploy for short-term and medium term engagements and embed themselves inside our clients’ companies to give the much needed short term momentum needed to push a strategic goal over the finish line. These services are completed on a project-by-project or month-to-month basis. Our professionals have served as interim CFOs and COOs for numerous clients in a variety of situations. Our flexible structure enables our client to capture revenue before bringing in more full-time employees. Our services are geared toward private equity funds and corporate clients.

Strategic Family Office Services

Family Offices must balance preservation of capital with growth objectives. MCG helps Family Offices meet their objectives of asset preservation, wealth building, philanthropic endeavors and succession planning by taking an advisor role rather than a typical accountant or wealth manager role. We help family offices to identify and leverage business and family strengths for competitive advantage and family success. Positioning the Family Office as a strategic capital partner in the marketplace enables our firm to bring unique opportunities for direct co-investments for our clients that is independent of conflicts and legacy platform issues.

Capital to Capitol Event Series

Today, Governments are more involved with the economy than they have been in the recent past. Whether the Government regulates, taxes, competes or buys, its role in economic growth cannot be ignored. Our event series is designed to bring a clearer picture to our clients on the Governments' viewpoints as it relates to public policy and its impact on the capital markets. By introducing the business community to the leadership in political centers of gravity around the world, clients can sharpen their view on how policy will impact economic decisions, capital flows and growth.